1955-1956 Chevy Original Hi/Lo Horns REMANUFACTURED
1955-1956 Chevy Original Hi/Lo Horns REMANUFACTURED

1955-1956 Chevy Original Hi/Lo Horns REMANUFACTURED

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Finally, someone did it! These are original 1955-1956 Chevrolet horns that have been fully restored to factory specifications. The horns have been unriveted, the diaphragms replaced with new ones, and then reriveted and painted to keep the original look. The 1955-1956 standout from the 1957 with the dome shaped end. This feature is found on other vehicle makes, so be sure you get the correct core for a trade in. But even though these horns look good, the best part is they will honk! These horns are built when ordered and are drop shipped from our builder. In specific cases we can rush an order, but in most cases please allow additional 10 days for shipment.

  • Must have exchange. Call 407.886.1963 for more details
  • GM #759/760 (Lo/Hi)
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    Q:* is it 12 V ? * Complette remanufactured same as photo ? * Can you ship to new jersey NJ 07094? * Can you say me shipping cost to new jersey Asked by:  - 10/21/2014 (Submit an answer)
    A: Yes, the 1955-1956 Chevy Horns are 12V and completely remanufactured as the photo. And yes, we can ship to NJ. You can either place the horns in the cart which will show you the shipping cost or you can call us at the office. 407.886.1963
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