1956-1962 Chevy non-Power Steering Generator REBUILT

1956-1962 Chevy non-Power Steering Generator REBUILT

Part #: L-09-011
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This is a REBUILD SERVICE for all 1959-1962 Chevy non-Power Steering Generators. CUSTOMERS MUST SUPPLY THEIR GENERATOR AS A CORE. We completely disassembled the unit and installed new brushes, bearing and terminal posts. The armatures and field coils are checked and the body and end frames will be restored, so this unit is ready to be installed. The current price is the BASE price. Depending on the condition of the generator, the cost may be more expensive due to recoiling the armature, replacing broken end plates, etc. Please contact us with photos of your generator to get a more exact quote for rebuilding your part. On occasion we may have extra generators in stock. Please contact us if you do not have a core exchange.

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