1958 Chevy Non-Impala 2-Door Sedan LEFT Door Window Regulator REBUILT
Left/Driver's Side

1958 Chevy Non-Impala 2-Door Sedan LEFT Door Window Regulator REBUILT

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This original 1958 Chevrolet non-Impala Sedan left/ driver's side door window regulator has been fully restored. The left door window regulator also fits a 1958 Buick, Pontiac & Oldsmobile. We replace any gears or nylon rollers that are broken or worn down. Often the springs are broken or the main rivet is loose causing the regulator to fail to raise the window all the way up. In this case, we install new springs or rivets so as to ensure that the regulator will work properly. When we get done with them they look and function like new. Passenger's and driver's side sold separately.

  • Rebuilt and Restored to Factory Specs
  • Must have exchange. Call 407.886.1963 for more details
  • Fits all non-Impala 2-Door Sedans
  • We can rebuild any Buick, Pontiac,Oldsmobile or Cadillac door window regulator as long as a core is provided
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