1959 Chevy Impala Full Hubcap SET RESTORED

1959 Chevy Impala Full Hubcap SET RESTORED

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These 1959 Chevrolet full wheel covers are fully restored. The 1959 full wheel covers had a set of cross flags in the middle of a large disc area. Eight radial fins extend out to the outer periphery where a row of slots were added to assist in brake cooling. In the center of the cap was a blackened area with 5 bars in between the eight fins. All the cars in 1959 came with small hub caps as standard equipment, the full wheel covers were available as optional equipment on all models. An optional two spoke spinner could also be added to the full wheel covers. 

For the 1959 wheel covers, the wheel spinners are available in a set of four with either a black or silver back-ground. To help you with the installation of these spinners on your wheel covers we would suggest the purchase of the Accessory Installation Manual. The inserts for the spinners are also available in the event that you should need to replace one. Both the silver and black background inserts are available.

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