1961 Chevy Original Hi/Lo Horns, Pair   REMANUFACTURED
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1961 Chevy Original Hi/Lo Horns, Pair REMANUFACTURED

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Finally, someone did it!  These are original 1961 Chevrolet horns that have been fully restored to factory specifications.  The horns have been unriveted, the diaphragms replaced with new ones, and then reriveted and painted to keep the original look.  The look of the 1961 horn is very distinct, since it was the first year that Chevrolet flattened the horn, making it more compact for the engine compartment. But the best part about these horns is that they will honk! These horns are built when ordered and are drop shipped from our builder. In specific cases we can rush an order, but in most cases please allow additional 10 days for shipment.

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  • GM #425/526 (Lo/Hi)

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