1962-1964 Chevy 409 4bbl Rear Carter Carburetor - REMANUFACTURED
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1962-1964 Chevy 409 4bbl Rear Carter Carburetor - REMANUFACTURED

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This 1962-1963-1964 Chevrolet 409 4bbl rear Carter AFB Carburetor #3362s has been completely re-manufactured. This is part of a dual quad setup for a 409/427 manual engine. Note that the rear carb is different from the front (#3361s) in that it has a choke and idle screws. The carburetor also comes with new gaskets.  We don't rebuild our carburetors, we re-manufacture them so you can rest assured these carbs will last a long time.

1) How do you re-manufacture the carburetor?

We specialize in re-manufacturing carburetors and not merely rebuilding them by using a kit and a can of carb cleaner.

The carburetor is completely disassembled and then cleaned through an ultrasonic process. The carb is then media blasted and case pieces are either polished in a vibratory machine to a high luster finish or re-colored depending on the application required. We also zinc plate all steel parts to resist corrosion.

As the carb is reassembled we use ethanol resistant parts, including new accelerator pump, needles, and seats. Floats, choke pull offs and choke coils are replaced if available. The throttle shafts are removed and checked for wear. Bushings are installed to minimize vacuum leaks. All 4 barrel and most 2 barrel carbs are live engine tested to ensure proper float setting, accelerator pump function and that hot and cold idle adjusts along with the mixture screws. Carburetors that cannot be engine tested are wet tested to ensure float setting, accelerator pump function and that no leaks exist.

Plus for any reason you are not satisfied with the craftsmanship we offer a 1-year warranty or you can get your money back.


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