1964-1966 Chevy 283/195HP 2bbl Rochester 2GC Carburetor - REMANUFACTURED
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1964-1966 Chevy 283/195HP 2bbl Rochester 2GC Carburetor - REMANUFACTURED

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Now you can send us your 1964-1965-1966 Chevrolet 283/195HP 2bbl Rochester 2GC Automatic/Standard carburetor core and it can be completely re-manufactured. Your carburetor will also come with new gaskets. We don't rebuild your carburetor, we re-manufacture them and engine test them so you can rest assured your carb will run smoothly for a long time.

NOTE: Your carburetor may look slightly different then pictured in the photo as there were slight differences in each carb, but the application and function is the same.

  • GM #: 7024100, 7024101, 7024102, 7024106, 7024108, 7024110, 7024112
  • YEAR: 1964-1966
  • TYPE: 2GC 2BBL Manual Choke on Carb
  • MODEL: Passenger
  • ENGINE/APP: 283/195HP Automatic/Manual Transmission with Air Conditioning

1) How do you re-manufacture the carburetor?

We specialize in re-manufacturing carburetors and not me

  • Re-manufactured better than factory specificatiosn
  • 1-Year warranty
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