I make a living selling old Chevy parts and I have been doing this since the early 1970s. What started as a hobby exploded into a massive community of fellow classic Chevrolet car buffs. As much as I would love to sell you parts, I'm not in this business simply to make money.  I am a hobbyist myself. I enjoy helping people track down that elusive part and get their classic Chevy dream car one part closer to completion.  Whether you are about to begin a project, or have already made this plunge, this parts guide is for you. I put it together to help you find what you need, discover what you didn't know you had, and make your restoration process a whole lot easier.  
If you haven't downloaded the pdf version of the book then you can do it by clicking here.  

This page is set up to collect feedback from those who have read the guide and would like to share their comments with others as well as make suggestions for future editions.
  1. Did I leave anything out that you think is important to know when buying parts?

  2. Was anything unclear?

  3. What would you change if you were my editor?

  4. Do you have any good stories or pictures to add to this guide?

I look forward to reading your comments.



Chuck Foster

Date 6/18/2014

1.Did I leave anything out that you think is important to know when buying parts? Some links to articles/newsletter etc don't work. 2.Was anything unclear? I have a 1956 BA 4dr ht, which would be in the not so easy to find/difficult some parts spectrum. 3.What would you change if you were my editor? Less blank areas on some pages, otherwise good. 4.Do you have any good stories or pictures to add to this guide? Ask yourself if you really want to restore a car when you can buy one restored for about the same price if you look for a bargaian, but that is getting off subject of parts buying. I bought a 57 convertible for $900 in 1989, collected parts for two years, no garage, stored at a neighbors, ended up letting wife talk me into selling, but got $9500 for it.

Stan Ball

Date 6/18/2014

I think one of the MOST important questions to ask yourself is, do I have the capabilities, time, money, friends to help, commitment to FINISH A PROJECT, as it will take years to do. OR. should I find a nice driver, that I can still work on, but drive right away. The cost of restoring one is going to be more than out right buying one. And lastly, is your WIFE/girl friend going to be ok with you spending the time and money on it. You might laugh, but if their not happy, forget it. 1942 MODEL, OLD & Needs Restored MYself. stan

michael smith

Date 11/17/2014

Danny, I was a member of the classic chevy club back in the late 70's and have been down to Florida to visit and meet you and Joe. I've owned 3 '57 chevys and the one I currently own has been with me over 30 yrs. The advice you give about buying parts is SO ON TARGET! I had to learn most of that the hard way, the suggestions you make about labeling and bagging parts, photos of assembled parts etc.. save so many headaches and frustration. I think your guide is awesome and yes, I learned a lot ! The funny thing is,when you have owned a classic that long it always seems like a part that wears out was something that you "just replaced" and it turns out you put that part on 17 or 18 years ago ..Ha ! These truly are great cars and the people like yourself that are involved in the hobby are great too. I am going to share this with my grandson because he inherited the classic chevy fever !


Date 11/18/2014

Michael, Thanks for the encouraging word. It is great to pass this tradition on to the next generations. It's great to see my son get more involved with these old cars.

Mickey West Sr (Cowboy)

Date 11/18/2014

This is gonna be fantastic ...

Bo Alexander

Date 3/19/2017

Gee it would be great to be able to read/download the 7 mistakes but everything I click gives me another sign up screen. Thanks


Date 1/26/2022

my wife had a 62 impala ss when we were dating back in the 70's. i had a 70 cuda at that time which she preferred to drive over the impala. She said the impala didn't have power steering, RIGHT!! At the time I was looking for a 4-4-2 to restore, but was talked into redoing the Impala. (no regrets either). Of course I had no idea of what I was getting into! Thinking of all the struggles I had, I often think it would've been nice if I had someone like a project manager who could advise me in the correct order to properly do my resto. Looking back it was like helter sketer but I did finish the project and I think it looks damned nice. Many thanks to all those pros who helped. Unfortunately she passed before she could get behind the wheel again, although she did she did see it painted. sooooo many memories. thanks charlie

Brian Doyle

Date 1/26/2023

1962 Biscayne 4door, 6 passenger wagon..283, 3 on the tree, 3.36 positraction differential. I just finished reading your 7 tips guide, and really enjoyed it. I especially found the section on documentation to be so true. When I bought this car in February 2021, it was a running (barely) car. I have since separated it into at least 1000 pieces - and in beginning to reassemble the front suspension - sure enough, my haphazard documentation and labeling of parts has bitten me in the backside. As a result, I have just placed my first of what I anticipate to be many orders from Southeast Chevy Parts. Brian Doyle Jemseg, New Brunswick Canada

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