Chevrolet Wiper Motors By the Number

Posted by James Howell on 3/15/2013 to Tech Articles

Recently, I compiled a list of Chevrolet wiper motors and their respective numbers since I could not locate a simple guide on the internet.  In my endeavor to gather the information, I learned that each year has a series of numbers associated with the casting, motor assembly, and cap.  This is a work in progress.  I've referenced GM's Assembly Manual to ensure accuracy but new than 1967 is harder to determine.  If you are aware of any discrepancies or have additional information, please respond.  I could not find any difference in the numbers when it comes to the motor having or not having a washer pump.

You'll notice that we re-manufacture many of the wiper motors and sell them on our website.  You can click the Motor Assembly # and it will take you to the appropriate page.  We have one of the largest supplies of re-manufactured wiper motors in the industry and specialize in quality restored parts.
NOTE: See illustrations below for ID number location

1955 PASS 1 5047787 N/A
1956 early PASS 1 5047906 N/A
1956 late PASS 1 5047905 N/A
1957 early PASS 1 5047981 N/A
1957 late PASS 1 5047988 N/A
1958 PASS 1 4903628 5044306 N/A
1959-1962 PASS 2 4904635 5044474
1960-1961 PASS 1 5044434
1962 PASS 1 5045302
1963 PASS 2 4911277 5044508
1963-1964 PASS 1 5045350
1963-1966 PASS 1 5045333
1964 PASS 2 4911277 5044568 4913253
1965 PASS 2 4914569 5044588 4918070
1965 PASS 1 5045486
1966 PASS 2 4915858 5044626 4914682
1966 PASS 2 5044626 4918070
1966 PASS 1 5045518
1967 PASS 2 4917644 5044670 4917505
1967 PASS 2 4917644 5044670 4914682
1968-1969 CORVETTE 2 4918077 5044683
1968-1971 PASS 2 4918077 5044712
1968-1971 PASS 2 4918077 5044712 4918070
1968-1971 PASS 2 4918077 5044712 4917505
1968-1971 PASS 2 4918077 5044681 4918070

The Motor Assembly Number is located on the plate that faces downward when attached to the cowl.
5047787: 1955 Wiper Motor Assembly Number

The Casting Number is located on the side facing upward next to the seal.
4914569: 1965 Wiper Motor Casting Number

The Motor Assembly Number is located on the end of the canister (not all years displayed this number).  This is also the GM number referenced in the GM Assembly Manual.
5044568: 1964 Wiper Motor Assembly Number

The Cap Number is located on the top of the cap. There are a number of years that use the same cap number.
4913253-5: 1964 Wiper Motor Cap Number
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Phil Date 9/21/2013

Hi, Wondering if anyone has managed to interchange another or more modern wiper motor for the 4198077. Regards Phil

Phil Date 9/21/2013

oops, I meant 4918077...

SEC Date 9/21/2013

Not That we are aware of ... let us know if you find anything.

Jan Augustynski Date 1/23/2014

Good morning, I am rebuilding a 1965 Chevy Chevelle Malibu and I have problems with the wipers, have cut wires and I do not know how they connect. The numbers are: Cover spastic 5 4917505 motor assy 5044600 ampliance delco 4914569 I am grateful in advance for the help you can give me. Jan Augustynski Montevideo - Uruguay

Howard Date 8/4/2014

I have a 65 Chevelle, but it came with an extra wiper motor/pump. From your list, it's from a 64. But I have one discrepancy, the motor assy part number is 5044582, and not 5044568. I'm wondering if there was a change or something during the 64 year. Just thought I would let you know. This is an awesome list. Another thing, this motor/pump will not work on the 65 transmission assy. The linkage attaching to the short arm on the pump is too short.

Antonio Tiburcio Date 6/11/2015

hello i have a 1964 malibu trying to find cover plate or washer pump for wiper pump and assembly number4911277 & 5044508, thanks

Ron Corey Date 10/7/2015

Need working wiper motor for a 1964 impala. Thanks

Helmuth Neunaber Date 5/12/2016

Cadillac Serie 62 Ano1962 Wiper Motor Delco D 4904635 Wiper Motor Made in USA Delco D-4904635 for Cadillac Serie 62 Ano 1962 porfavor Oferta....... MfG.Helmuth Neunaber

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