It's giddy up time folks! We're not talking horses; we're talking horsepower! See
if you can fill in the blanks to this popular Beach Boys' song about a famous Chevy!
(Answers are at the bottom; no cheating, though!)

Well I saved my _______ and I saved my dimes
For I knew there would be a time
When I would buy a brand new _______
Giddy up giddy up giddy up _______
Giddy up giddy up...
Nothing can _______ her
_______ can touch my _______

When I take her to the _______ she really shines
She always turns in the _______ times
My _______ speed, dual quad, posi-traction _______

That's right, the Chevy 409!

Named for its 409 cubic inches, the 409 was an engine built for high performance. This baby could achieve speeds of up to 115 mph and could accelerate from 0-60 in 4 seconds flat. This masterpiece of an engine was available from '58 to '65, and came in one of three different series: the Biscayne, the Bel Air, or the Impala. Yet the 409 found its true home in the coveted Super Sport package which was only available in the sport coupe or convertible models of the Impala in '62.

Not only was the 409 prowling down the streets, it was revving up on the racecourse. The 409 was definitely a hit in drag racing. Surprisingly, rather than choosing the sporty Impala SS 409 coupes, most drag racers chose the slightly lighter Bel Air 409 "bubbletop" hardtops. Either of these versions could have dual four-barrel carburetors giving them a whopping, and ironic, 409 horsepower.

Many accomplished racers came to recognize the superiority of the 409 engine including Dave Strickler, Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins, Ronnie Sox, Hayden Proffitt, Dan Gurney and "Dyno" Don Nicholson. In 1961, during a stock eliminator round of the U.S. Nationals, Don Nicholson's '61 409 Impala, going 109 mph, beat out Arnie Beswick's 389 Pontiac, 13.38 to 13.51.

When the 409 first hit the market you could pick one up at the suggested retail price of $376.65. Today the same engine will cost you between $5,000-$10,000! There's still a high demand, though! So high, in fact, that the 409 has recently been reissued in aluminum casting. A whole new generation will be singing along with the Beach Boys, "She's real fine my 409."

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Date 4/29/2013

Way to go Stephanie! I'm amazed at how much a 409 is worth now-a-days.

Joshua Kern

Date 4/29/2013

Good Writing Stephanie you really know your stuff! Whenever both of us have cars we will have to find a track and try out dome 0-60 runs

Abby Prickett

Date 4/30/2013

Great job Steph! (:


Date 4/30/2013

Nice Article!!!


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Date 5/10/2013

Great Article

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