The History Behind The Impala

Posted by Carlos on 12/30/2013 to Newsletters
The Chevrolet Impala was close to becoming a different car altogether. The 1956 auto show featured a Corvette Impala dream car. The Thunderbird was going to switch from being a two seat sport car to a four seat design and Corvette was thinking about doing the same. The Impala could have had a complete different history than it does now. No one knows which direction this Impala could have gone. 

In 1958 the Impala got a start as the top Bel Air model. While only being available as a sport coupe or a convertible, this new Bel Air Impala had decent sales. It was good enough that the Impala became its own model the following year. The car became bigger and was also available as a four door sedan and hardtop. At the beginning of the sixties automobiles started losing the fins that were so dominant in the late fifties. This was also the beginning of the super sport series starting with the Impala. 

The late sixties showed increase in horsepower, braking, and the beginning of federal regulations for many cars of the time. The 1969 Impala SS was available with a 427 cubic inch big block engine producing 425 brake horsepower. With the arrival of the seventies began a whole new era of government regulations. This saw the decrease in horsepower of the Impala and the last convertible in 1972. After being downsized in the late seventies and becoming a number one seller through the early eighties, the Impala was discontinued. 

In 1994 the Impala was brought back to life as a very high performance Caprice. Using the L1 engine and special handling package gave this car power while looking like an average sedan. With sales not improving this car was once again doomed. After two short years it was laid to rest again along with the Caprice and some other models. 

The year 2000 brought the Impala back once again, this time on a small 110 inch wheelbase. This was the start of front wheel drive for the Impala which was only available with a V6 engine. The 2004 model had a supercharged L67 V6 engine which gave the Impala its performance back. This little car was actually quicker than the SS model from the nineties. The year 2006 brought the V8 back to the Impala with the SS model. This gives the Impala the respect back it once commanded in racing. 

As technology increases the Impala will continue to give both a suburb ride and performance to match. This car always remains popular as it is well built and very dependable. With the rich history this car brings, buying an Impala from any year is a good investment in a great ride that is sure to catch attention. From the late fifties until today, the Impala has always been a quality car sought after those of every age group.
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