Want To Know The Value Of Your Chevy In Less Than 60 Seconds?

My son walked in to the office the other day with an old Chevy part in his hand and asked, "Dad, how much is this worth?" 

I looked at the part and then back at my son and said with a smile "Don't know, guess you're gonna have to sell it to find out!" I'm actually quite amazed at the direction the entire hobby has gone. 

If you had asked me 40 years ago when I started Classic Chevy to project the value of Classic Chevy's today, I would never have guessed they would be as valuable as they are. 

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get over the phone is someone asking me to give a ball park figure on a certain old Chevy they are thinking of buying. 

This is dangerous territory! I've appraised hundreds of classic cars in my time, but trying to pinpoint the value of a old car without seeing it is not a good idea. [I wrote about a great service that does a superb job at evaluating a car for you if it is to far away to see it in person. Check it out here

HOWEVER, I did come across a quick and easy way to get a rough idea as to the value of most classic Chevys. I think you will be impressed ... especially because you can do it in less than 60 seconds! I wish I could take credit for this, but my son is the one who found this. Hagerty has created a tool for quickly determining the general value of your car. Simply follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the website https://www.hagerty.com/valuation-tools
  2. Step 1: Find your car by Make/Year or VIN 
  3. Step 2: Select which model and specs best describes your Chevy 
  4. Finally, determine between 4 conditions of your vehicle 

You're going to love this! You can even get a price comparison of other similar vehicles that have been recently sold (requires additional FREE registration). Plus it gives you a graph of insured values! Not only that but the tool even comes with a VIN decoder so you can finally understand what all the numbers and letters mean! (Now why didn't they make a Cracker Jack box decoder ring for VINs back in the day?)

Have fun! But remember, this is just to give you a ball park price. If you want to get a definite value of your Chevy then I would suggest having someone like myself appraise the car for you. I love old Chevys and have traveled half way across the continent to help people appraise their Classic Chevys so don't let distance be an issue. If you would like to learn more you can call the office and ask for me (407) 886-1963. 



mike weeks

Date 9/13/2022

57 150 , 2 dr sedan 57 sedan delivery

Mike Gollotto

Date 9/21/2022

I am fascinated by the story of The Classic Chevy Club and of Danny and Doug Moorehead. I began association with CCC as a member # 78559 in 1989. I had just purchased and dragged a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air out of an old corn field in Pawcatuck CT. I had to drag this beauty (NOT) about 25 miles up RT 95 to Rhode Island behind my 1969 GTO. The car had no brakes of course, but the emergency brake grabbed a bit to help slow down when needed, but of course we only did about 25 MPH. One of my good friends heard of the Classic Chevy Club and told me I could get parts for the beast when no one else had them. I joined immediately and have continued membership ever since with the newer club resulting from what Danny and Doug started so many years ago.

Richard York

Date 11/29/2022

I am always a fan of chevy; looks classic. https://www.westonautoglass.com/

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