1961 Chevy Bel Air 4-Door Hardtop

Do you have Chevy parts overcrowding the attic?  Is your spouse giving you the ultimatum, "The parts or me!" We've got a great deal for you.  We'll buy your parts and you can use the money to take her out on a date.  That's right, we're in the business of restoring not only cars but marriages.

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We not only buy the parts, but are even interested in buying whole cars (parts cars that is).  Don't scrap the car for a few bucks when we are willing to pay you more!

  • 1955-1966 Electric Wiper Motors (single or 2-speed)
  • 1955-1958 Treadle Vacs
  • 1958-1962 Drag Links
  • 1961-1968 Hubs
  • 1955-1964 Power Steering Control Valves
  • Certain Carburetors
  • 1959-1960 Heater Control Valves
  • 1955-1968 2-door Hardtop Door Window Regulators
  • 1955-1968 2-door Sedan Door Window Regulators
  • 1955-1968 Vent Window Regulators
  • AND MORE...


Billy Inman

Date 3/31/2014

56 chevy 2-door hardtop, donor car, parts car or gasser. New Mexico car , missing interior and most stainless. only rust is where a piece of shag carpet sat in trunk since70's believed 210 model. lots of misc. parts included. I am moving and clean house. Billy... pic available

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