How To Install A Windshield & Gasket On Your Classic Chevy

Posted by Mike Compton on 11/24/2015 to Tech Articles
Last month we tackled taking out the windshield. This month we will attempt to properly install a gasket and windshield so that no leaks will occur. Installing it properly will assure you of a super sealed, weather tight windshield. You must be patient and generous with the sealer. This is one job you don't want to do twice.

1965 & 1967 4 door sedans

Posted by James Howell on 10/15/2015 to New Arrivals & For Sale
We are constantly pulling in new cars. Last week we just found these two beauties. Parts are going fast so if you need something I'd call and claim it before the other guy does! Here's a short list of good parts on the cars:

The Best Kept Secret For Finding NOS Chevy Parts

Posted by Danny Howell on 11/27/2014 to Tech Articles
ATTENTION: Original Restoration Junkies!!! Here is the FASTEST and CHEAPEST way to get 1955-1970 NOS Chevy parts. In fact, whenever we a customer is looking for NOS parts that we don't have in stock this has become the first place we go to find affordable NOS parts. It is a GOLD MINE!

Want To Know The Value Of Your Chevy In Less Than 60 Seconds?

Posted by Danny Howell on 11/3/2014 to General
My son walked in to the office the other day with an old Chevy part in his hand and asked, "Dad, how much is this worth?" I looked at the part and then back at my son and said with a smile "Don't know, guess you're gonna have to sell it to find out!" I'm actually quite amazed at the direction the entire hobby has gone. If you had asked me 40 years ago when I started Classic Chevy to project the value of Classic Chevy's today, I would never have guessed they would be as valuable as they are.

How a Closed Club Spawned One of the Largest Classic Chevrolet Car Clubs in the U.S.

Posted by Danny B Howell on 8/27/2014 to General
It was 1971 – I'd finally finished college and I was excited to get started in life. The Vietnam war was not over yet and I anticipated getting drafted since I'd already received one draft notice. I had really grown to love cars while I was in college where I bought a 1940 Ford 2-door Deluxe Sedan that I developed into a little street rod. It was powered by a small block Chevy. Next, I had a ‘67 mustang in which I suped up a 289 and added ported and polished heads. My partner and close friend Doug Moorhead was really into the Chevrolet scene and we'd actually picked up a ‘57 Chevy along the freeway and dropped a 409 cu. in engine into it. It was our first real undertaking and it taught us a lot. We just liked old cars - they were fun and we began to watch what was happening in the hobby. We attended car shows, hit the drag strips and just did what a lot of guys our age were doing. We had never considered turning our hobby into a business. What brought about the change were two events that I'll never forget.

How To Read a VIN tag & Engine Stamping

Posted by James Howell on 7/28/2014
How To Read a VIN tag & Engine Stamping

Buying a Classic Chevy and Don't Want to Get Screwed?

Posted by Danny Howell on 7/9/2014 to General
Have you ever purchased a project car from another state only to discover that when it arrived at your place it was a lemon? Have you ever bought a car through Craigslist or Ebay or from a friend of a friend and learned (after it was too late) that the pictures you were shown didn't show everything?

7 Mistakes When Buying Classic Chevy Parts (And How to Avoid Them)

Posted by Danny Howell on 6/12/2014 to General
I make a living selling old Chevy parts and I have been doing this since the early 1970s. What started as a hobby exploded into a massive community of fellow classic Chevrolet car buffs. As much as I would love to sell you parts, I'm not in this business simply to make money.  I am a hobbyist myself. I enjoy helping people track down that elusive part and get their classic Chevy dream car one part closer to completion.  Whether you are about to begin a project, or have already made this plunge, this parts guide is for you. I put it together to help you find what you need, discover what you didn't know you had, and make your restoration process a whole lot easier.


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Save up to $20 on your next purchase when you buy from the NEW Southeast Chevy Parts Website. Customers will get 10% off of any order under $200 when they use coupon code 2014FIRST. Valid ONLY with online purchase, excluding phone orders and walk-ins. One coupon per customer per household. Sale ends December, 31 2014.

March New Arrivals

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