How To Identify A 1955-1957 Chevy Electric Wiper Motor

There has been some confusion as to what motor is correct for a specific 1955/1956/1957 car because up until now, nothing has been published on identifying the correct motors. Another reason for the problem is that all of the motors listed in Table #1 will bolt into place on any passenger car firewall and function properly. So, when someone needed another wiper motor, or wanted to change from vacuum to electric, they simply unbolted the "old" and replaced it with one of those listed.
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1958-1964 Steering Wheel Identification

This Tech Check article will help those of you who are looking for the correct steering wheel and horn ring combination for your Southeast Chevy (1958-1964). It includes photos and excerpts out of GM’s “Passenger Car Engineering Features” manuals. I have taken quotes out of the manuals describing the steering wheels and horn ring combinations. (Only the full-size passenger cars will be covered in this article.) In this article, the term steering wheel is referring to the painted part, not the complete assembly, which includes the horn ring and cap. In general, there are three steering wheel/horn ring sets for each year. In most cases, the two less expensive series (Bel Airs and Biscaynes) used the same steering wheel with the horn ring or horn cap being the piece that was different between the two. The and 1960 steering wheel assemblies are identical.
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1955-1964 Original Chevy Wheel Identification

This week's Tech Check article will help you identify the different wheels on 1955-1964 Chevrolet passenger cars. With this article you will have the data and photos to identify the wheels you need for your project. There are a total of 8 different wheels for these years. The 1963 models were the only model year to have four different wheels. Early 1963 model wheels were the same as the 1962 wheels. Later 1963 model wheels were the same as the 1964 wheels. There are at least two photos of every wheel that should help you identify a wheel.
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It's The Wheel Thing: 1958-1964 Hubcap Identification

Have you ever wandered around a swap meet looking for wheel covers? You’re not sure what they look like, but you saw them some time ago on a car and now you want the same thing for your Chevy. As you make your way down the rows of people, you come across a person who has a lot of wheel covers. You stand there in total amazement looking at all those covers, you wonder how any one person could have come across so many of these chrome dish shape objects. The excitement of the hunt has your blood flowing. You immediately ask the owner of these chrome wonders if he has any of these special wheel covers to fit your particular car. The salesperson replies back to you that he is sorry, but he does not know what they look like and points you to a stack of Chevrolet wheel covers.
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Spotlight: 1962 Impala "Jet Smooth Chevrolet"

The Impala continued its rapid progression in ’62 with a model more angular than the previous years. All of the models, excluding the 4-door hardtop, now featured “C” pillar styling. This new “convertible roof” styling was sensational and proved to be very successful. Because of this, ’62-’64 Impalas became popular collector cars.
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1963 Chevy Moldings by the Numbers

Whenever a customer calls and asks if Southeast Chevy Parts has a certain trim part, it always helps if they have a GM number to go by. This week's Tech Check helps show most of the GM numbers for side moldings (also spelled "mouldings") for the 1963 Chevy. Some of the numbers have been omitted due to the fact they had been discontinued at the time of printing of this reference material. However, most of the numbers are still given and can be a great help when looking for that hard to find piece of side stainless or aluminum. I hope that this information will help your search for some of those hard to find moldings. - The Editor
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Latin Spice: How The Latino Community Modifies And Improves Chevy Cars

Chevys are great cars; however, when a Chevy is customized, the vehicle gets better features and fantastic benefits. The Latino community is very educated in the field of customizing cars. Many customers use Latino customization car services because they what their Chevys improved. A professional customization company has the tools to tune a Chevy to suit the customers needs.
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The 1958 Impala: The Future of Chevrolet

Chevrolet introduced the Impala in 1958 as their top-of-the-line full-size model. It competed well against competition from Ford and Plymouth. The design of the 1958 Impala signaled a move by Chevrolet away from conservative models of previous years. Sharp, flat shapes became extravagant curves. The company engineered the car differently, changing the frame from the simple perimeter style to a frame characterized by an elongated 'X' in the middle for extra rigidity. The new frame meant that the passenger compartment could be lower and bigger. The body carried extra stiffening and attached more securely to the frame, making it a forerunner to unitized construction of the body and the chassis.
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July Newsletter

1957 Bel Air 4-door Sedan
1962 Impala 2-door Hardtop

1967 Impala 2-Door Hardtop Fastback



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Gerry's Roman Red 1960 Sedan Delivery

1960 marked the final production year for General Motor's Sedan Delivery. Starting in 1949, they slowly grew in popularity for being a dependable work vehicle until the late 1950's when other, more efficient vehicles took their place. The Sedan Deliverys offered plenty of storage space since they removed all but the drivers seat. Additionally, businesses would use them as their own mobile billboard since the rear side glass was replaced with metal panels in order to paint the company's information. As a work vehicle, they received more abuse than the typical passenger car, making it extremely difficult to find good quality used parts.
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