1966 Chevy Caprice: Breaking Ground for Housing Luxury

The first generation of the Chevy Caprice was truly the greatest among all its later releases. This masterpiece of Chevy automotive engineering redefined the standards for cars that were currently making the top-line series for Chevy automobiles. The Impala had already enjoyed success, and this counterpart to a vehicle of this size offered a refreshing and innovative contrast. The Estate version of this model also made some landmarks in the world of automotive releases. The Caprice was the first car released by Chevy since 1954 to feature simulated wood grains as an extremely prominent feature of the total aesthetic design.
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How the Black Community has Impacted the Chevy Modification Culture

At the heart of every person who loves their vehicle lies the instinct to improve, adjust and tune to the car lover's specifications. The African American community has fully participated in this notion with Chevrolet and other General Motors models throughout the last 50 years. Chevrolet cars, trucks and SUVs are very ordinary road vehicles, but the influence of the black community has put new life into each model with modifications to enhance each standard factory model into an ultra unique expression of individualism.
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Supernatural Impalas

For fans of the hit TV show "Supernatural," the one true constant, other than the main characters, Sam and Dean Winchester, is Dean's car, a beautiful black 1967 4-door Chevy Impala that was passed down to the boys from their father, John Winchester. Dean often refers to the car as "his baby," and woe be to anyone, including his brother, who dares mess with his baby. The Winchester brother practically lived in the car, aside from brief stops in cheap hotel rooms when they were out working one job or another. They hunted demons, monsters, angels and more from the comfort of the Impala's original bench seats, all while a steady stream of classic rock cranked from the speakers. It was American muscle at it's automotive finest, with two unlikely heroes along for the ride.
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We Want Your Original Chevy Car Parts

Do you have Chevy parts overcrowding the attack?  Is your spouse giving you the ultimatum, "The parts or me!" We've got a great deal for you.  We'll buy your parts and you can use the money to take her out on a date.  That's right, we're in the business of restoring not only cars but marriages :) 407-886-1963
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