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1957 Bel Air 4-door Sedan
1962 Impala 2-door Hardtop

1967 Impala 2-Door Hardtop Fastback



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Gerry's Roman Red 1960 Sedan Delivery

1960 marked the final production year for General Motor's Sedan Delivery. Starting in 1949, they slowly grew in popularity for being a dependable work vehicle until the late 1950's when other, more efficient vehicles took their place. The Sedan Deliverys offered plenty of storage space since they removed all but the drivers seat. Additionally, businesses would use them as their own mobile billboard since the rear side glass was replaced with metal panels in order to paint the company's information. As a work vehicle, they received more abuse than the typical passenger car, making it extremely difficult to find good quality used parts.
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Antiquing Your Auto Plate

In most states you have several options for what will adorn that significant rectangular area on the back of your car. Besides your basic county-issued plate, or the "been there, done that" vanity plate, you could also purchase a YOM plate, otherwise known as a Year of Manufacture plate.
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