1963 Chevy Moldings by the Numbers

Posted by James Howell on 8/20/2013 to Tech Articles
Whenever a customer calls and asks if Southeast Chevy Parts has a certain trim part, it always helps if they have a GM number to go by. This week's Tech Check helps show most of the GM numbers for side moldings (also spelled "mouldings") for the 1963 Chevy. Some of the numbers have been omitted due to the fact they had been discontinued at the time of printing of this reference material. However, most of the numbers are still given and can be a great help when looking for that hard to find piece of side stainless or aluminum. I hope that this information will help your search for some of those hard to find moldings. - The Editor

Latin Spice: How The Latino Community Modifies And Improves Chevy Cars

Posted by James on 8/9/2013 to General
Chevys are great cars; however, when a Chevy is customized, the vehicle gets better features and fantastic benefits. The Latino community is very educated in the field of customizing cars. Many customers use Latino customization car services because they what their Chevys improved. A professional customization company has the tools to tune a Chevy to suit the customers needs.

The 1958 Impala: The Future of Chevrolet

Posted by James on 8/5/2013 to General
Chevrolet introduced the Impala in 1958 as their top-of-the-line full-size model. It competed well against competition from Ford and Plymouth. The design of the 1958 Impala signaled a move by Chevrolet away from conservative models of previous years. Sharp, flat shapes became extravagant curves. The company engineered the car differently, changing the frame from the simple perimeter style to a frame characterized by an elongated 'X' in the middle for extra rigidity. The new frame meant that the passenger compartment could be lower and bigger. The body carried extra stiffening and attached more securely to the frame, making it a forerunner to unitized construction of the body and the chassis.