Helping 1955-1970 Chevy enthusiasts locate rare original parts that make your buddies envy your car even with a limited budget, no time, and zero expertise.

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"When we need used or refurbished parts, Southeast Chevy Parts is our go-to place." - Matt Jordan, CEO of Eckler's Industries

Eliminate Frustration

Avoid the hassle of ordering incorrect parts. My FREE Chevy Parts Buyers' Guide will help you know how to purchase the right part the first time. Not only that, but I have original classic Chevy parts experts who can help you find exactly what you need.

We can quickly determine whether a reproduction, restored, or used part would better serve the kind of project you are doing. My experts eliminate frustration by saving you time.

"We have known Danny for over 20 years. He knows early Chevy parts better than anyone in the industry. If you need a part, he has it or knows where to find it." - Ervin & Vonceil Weldon, Owners All American Carburetor

Expedite Restoration

Time is money. This is true when it comes to restoring your classic Chevy, especially when it's in someone else's shop! Aftermarket parts are notorious for not fitting or functioning properly. And when you buy most used parts you still have to waste your time restoring them. At Southeast Chevy we speed up the process by specialize in restoring original rust-free classic Chevy parts. Our restored parts are ready to be put on the car the moment they are taken out of the box. This frees you up so that you can do what only you should do, putting the car together.

"Great service from the Southeast Chevy Team! I am very happy with the 1958 Re-manufactured Carter 4 Barrel Carburetor I got for my '58 Impala. It looks brand new and runs real smooth." - Kevin Kingsland, 1958 Impala

Add Value

Whether it is rusted car parts or cheap reproductions, poor condition or poor quality lower the value of your car. Many of the reproduction parts are a poor representation of the original, especially when it comes to mechanical parts. That's why with Southeast Chevy Parts we specialize in original classic Chevy parts. We not only help you keep the "original" look, but our parts add true value to your car.

Ensure Expertise

Southeast Chevy Parts is the only company in North America that is a Certified Vintage Chevy Auto Parts Dealer. This certification ensures the customer that they are dealing with an industry leading business and not some random guy with a bunch of miscellaneous parts in his garage. Make sure your rights as a customer are protected when doing business with other classic Chevy companies.

For more information, or to obtain your own copy of the document, click here.

"I've been in frequent contact with Southeast Chevy Parts looking for several items to help restore my 1961 Bel Air Bubbletop coupe. The thing that sticks out (besides a full compliment of parts available) is the service! The staff at Southeast Chevy Parts is top notch in the field of salvage and restored parts, and the owner, Danny Howell, is a super guy to do business with! Every time I asked a question about an item, or service I got an instant reply, and if someone said they would get back to me with a reply they got back with lip service, just good service!" - Lamont DePew, 1961 Bubbletop

Save Money

Save money when you order through Southeast Chevy Parts. Although we specialize in original classic Chevy parts, you may be surprise to find out that we also sell reproduction parts. In other words, we sell most everything. Many customers find it convenient and cost effective to order ALL their parts from us since we can send them used, restored, or reproduction parts in a SINGLE box. This means massive savings on shipping.

"Danny has always been extremely helpful to me. He always returns phone calls, makes sure that he follows up in a timely manner, and always gets done what he says that he will do. His prices are very fair, especially since there are few other choices for vendors and he could easily charge more if he were that type of person. Several years back I needed an engine for a 1955 Chevy Bel Air. Danny happened to be traveling up to Chicago and offered to bring the engine up and drop it off at my mechanic's shop on his way through Chicago. How's that for customer service!!" - Glenn Ephraim, 1955 Bel Air

Build Your Classic Chevy Dream Car Today

"I wish there was a guide like this 20 years ago, I wouldn't have wasted time, money, and a second wife. It's a very straight forward guide to understanding what your end goal should be in your project car. To many of us go into these restorations with show car dreams, and dollar store pockets only to end up with a garage full of parts, and a shell of what use to be a car. I strongly recommend this guide for ANYONE who wants to under take a dream car." - Todd Sarto, 1963 Biscayne Wagon

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